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Rare French Art Nouveau Faux Tortoise Figural Clock Set, Joseph Gauthier, Rare Old Antique Seth Thomas Sons Figural Mantel Clock , 1890 1910 CASTLE FIGURAL CLOCK, GOLDEN NOVELTY CO. RARE ITEM, 19th C. Fabulous French Figural Gilt Mantle Clock Angel Playing Cello Rare, Rare Antique New Haven Statue Clock Flower Girl Open Escapement Figural Clock, 1857 CLOCK BRADLEY & HUBBARD COLONIAL BLINKING EYE CAST IRON 16 FIGURAL RARE, Very Rare Seth Thomas & Sons Ornate Statue Figural Clock, RARE Antique c.1870's 1890's NEW HAVEN MANTEL CLOCK Double Cherubs Figural, Chateau Thierry 19th Century Gorgeous Full Figural Tiger Clock By G. Omerth RARE, 1894 Antique Ansonia Female Spelter Figural Clock STATUE Motion VERY RARE , RARE ANTIQUE ANSONIA CAST IRON FIGURAL MANTEL CLOCK Seth KROEBER Parlor Thomas, GORGEOUS FRENCH ART NOUVEAU FIGURAL MANTEL CLOCK RARE. YOU TUBE PRESENTATION.


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